Made $4500 in 12 hours after launch on Hacker News

🤯12 hours launch recap of SimpleOps on Hacker News where my post went viral

🥉on Hacker News
💰 $4500 in revenue
📦 273 customers
👀 11532 visitors
🔥 1 slot left in lifetime deal

I will share detailed analysis and learnings this week!

Hacker News Post

  1. 5

    How did you get the post to rank high on HN?

    1. 3

      I will post it in detail soon

  2. 4

    Great achievement, well done mate.

  3. 2

    love your landing page- urgency banners, price comparison and features all of it.. Kudos man!

    How did you come up with 300$ lifetime deal - did you calculate lifetime value? or average website LTV?

  4. 2

    Thats amazing results, congrats!
    Your producthunt link at the bottom doesnt work

    1. 1

      Thanks, yes, i'm yet to launch on PH

  5. 2

    Awesome! It'd be great to hear how you started that vivid of a discussion.

  6. 2

    Nice. I particularly like that this is a niche with a lot of existing services, but it shows there is always room for another innovator.

    1. 1

      True. SimpleOps is actually a performance monitoring tool where there isn't so many competitors but it also happens to have uptime monitoring which has huge competition.

  7. 2

    Good job !

    I'm starting to like the notion of lifetime deal, but for such service, where all depends of servers, I don't see how it's possible...

    I'm curious to know how many "Maker" package you sold because for a free package, an Uptime check 10 minutes is ok (well it's free package), but for a package of 20$/m, an Uptime check 10 minutes is weird (10 minutes is huge)

  8. 2

    Have you done any research on what day of the week and what time should you post on HN or was it pure luck?
    I see that you've tried 3 times with simpleops.io and that you've had some success with another projects in the past.

  9. 2

    Congrats. The landing page looks cool. I'm also planning to launch on HN. Would love to have some insights about HN. Do i need to have a large following in order to have successful launch?

  10. 2

    DUDE, congratulations yet again! Your journey has been fascinating to watch...

    I just started a new newsletter which is (partially) about microstartups like yours. I think your story deserves to be told, and would love to interview you for it.

    Would you be interested in doing an interview? Let me know!

    1. 1

      Sure mate, i would love to do it. Not sure if i will have time though.

  11. 2

    Nice website and great initial results, congratulations!! Did you create it from scratch? It looks pretty amazing, I wonder where you're getting the design inspiration.

    1. 1

      Yes, i took inspiration from top sites and other indie makers amazing websites

  12. 2

    Wow, that's some fantastic numbers! Congrats!

  13. 2

    Congrats! and the website is super sleek, awesome work.

  14. 2

    Congrats, the result is really great!
    How long did it take to code everything?
    I also wonder how you came up to the idea and if you talked to the potential users before the launch (have you validated the idea somehow)?

    1. 1

      It took me 5 weeks to code everything. I had this idea for 6 months now but was busy with visalist.io but as the world in standstill due to the pandemic, i finally took time to work on this. I tried to asked few people that i dont know and they all were willing to use such a service but most of all i personally need a service which does performance as well as uptime monitoring at affordable price. I didnt find any so built it myself.

      1. 2

        I can't believe such services don't exist... I saw messages from your competitors like "Oh, dear" - did you know about them?

        1. 1

          Uptime monitoring are dime a dozen but performance monitoring very few.

  15. 2

    I really like the idea, the website, and the price point!

    1. 1

      thanks mate, do give it a try if have a website to track

  16. 2

    Amazing. Congrats!

  17. 2

    Congratulations! Upvoted and rooting for you everywhere :)

    Amazing landing page and copy btw. What did you use to build the page itself?

    1. 1

      I'm glad you liked it. I just took design inspiration from top sites and coded it using VueJS and Vuetify.

  18. 2

    Love it! Great stuff!

  19. 2

    which tech stack is based on?

    1. 1

      VueJS, NodeJS, GoLang

      1. 4

        What do you use GoLang for?

          1. 3

            Sorry if this sounds stupid. What does NodeJS do then?

            1. 2

              the backend? So golang for the API and node for the backend 😁

  20. 2

    What an amazing landing page. Love it!

  21. 2

    Congrats, was it all buyers of the lifetime deal? It seems like people really like those lifetime deals!

    1. 1

      Yes mostly lifetime deals.

  22. 2

    Dude, you are like Midas, the king.

    Good Work man. Congrats

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