🚀 Made a Discord server for mailing list hackers

Hey friends 👋

Wanted to plug a little thing I'm working on (hope this is okay to share!) — Mailing List Hackers is a Discord community for people building mailing lists and newsletters. The goal long-term is to build a paid membership community, but for now, since there's only a few people in there (less than a dozen), I'm waiving that fee for the first hundred people or so to build a community of like-minded folks and get the conversation going.

Super quick link to get your invite 👉 https://mailinglisthackers.com/chat

Wrote a bit about the process below on the site, so if you're interested in getting your invite, check it out:


We have a few channels so far, including software-specific channels (#mailchimp, #convertkit, etc) as well as a fun #show-your-work channel to show off your emails, stats, or whatever else you're building. Really excited to build this stuff out based on user feedback, too!

I've been posting on here for the last few weeks and really enjoying the conversation and learning a ton (and posting my own stuff), so I thought this would be a great place to share the Discord invite. Totally free to join and no pressure, but would love to get folks from here plugged in and share day-to-day stuff about what we're learning and building with our lists!

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    Looks like it’s a paid community? But says free to join above.

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      Hey, thanks for checking it out! Eventually, we will be moving to a paid membership model, particularly for joining the Discord and getting access to member-only content. For now, we're seeding the initial member base by removing that restriction. If you're interested in joining, definitely recommend doing it now :)

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        Can’t see anyway other than paying though? Link above takes you to the $19 payment.

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          Super interesting! Are you able to access this page? https://www.mailinglisthackers.com/chat/

          If not, that's an issue with Ghost (blog provider) that I need to debug. Thanks for the reply!

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            My bad. Can see it now. I didn’t click that link in your original post - just the first link that went to your homepage.

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    Just as a heads-up, this is sooooo early days for the Discord that you very likely will be one of the very first people to join. This is one of the first times I've publicly posted about the project after hacking on it for the last few weeks, so I'm excited to see who joins and learn from you all :)

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