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Made a Puzzle Game

Hey All -

Wanted to share a fun weekend project.


Initially I wanted to see if I can create some cool art by splitting an image and displaying it in 9 tiles. Then once I did that (and it did look cool!) I thought: What if this was a game where users have to rearrange this image until it matches the original?

And so Puzzling Tiles was born. This artsy crossword puzzle game leverages images from Unsplash and gives you random puzzles that you get points for getting right (so sign up and get on that leaderboard!). You can also download the tiled image at any point as well as take a look at the original if you need help. :)

One caveat: I'm still working out some bugs on mobile and currently the drag and drop experience is better on a bigger device/desktop. In any case I hope you like it and I welcome any suggestion for improvement.


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      Good point! I can see how that's annoying not being able to see the final image. Made the change. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

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