Made another sale with no views?

I thought this simple analytics that Ko-Fi offering is enough to estimate the number of views per sale. I noticed that it doesn't accurate.

I've made another sale and there were no views at all.


So I'm curious how do you manage analytics, I'm surely need landing pages for these products. However I don't want to implement/deal with Google Analytics. I just want to see the numbers and where they came from, no need to intrude privacy and no need to pay for it. I'm thinking of using bit.ly links even tho they are looking ugly. I wonder if there is another solution to track those?

  1. 1

    Ko-Fi analytics is not reliable at all.

    It shows 33 views (counting my clicks as well) while a product downloaded 89+ times. 😐

  2. 1

    ~ following 🙋‍♀️

    1. 2

      ~ thanks 😃.

      And I'm currently updating it.

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