Building in Public October 19, 2020

Made money online with my new project!


I made money online!! 🎉

I've worked on a bunch of different side projects in the past. Each time I made the fatal developer mistake of building the tech instead of finding customers.

This time I decided to do things differently.

I've been focused on building an audience first. I'm spending more time writing on my blog, posting on forums, and making video content on my developer-focused youtube channel.

I'm pretty early into my project but I just found out that I've made my first revenue for Deliberate Python!

I made a grand total of (drum roll please).


Amazon Affiliate Chart

I'm 55% of the way to making that first dollar online!

Specifically, I made $0.55 when someone read my blog post about programming practice at work and purchased a copy of the book Peak.

It feels good to make my first (not quite) a dollar online!

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