Magento 2 Blog Extension To Manage Both E-store & Blog On a Single Platform

Want to try something new to upgrade your e-store and keep shoppers up to date regarding e-stores items, other stuff? Is not starting a blog the most suitable approach for it? It Is a distinct approach to increase store audience.

Nowadays everyone wants to keep updating their shoppers with their new items, and news regarding e-stores. It has become an essential addon for being a successful e-store. It impresses the shoppers with the interesting & unique content and increases their buying interest.

It enables the e-stores to start and run their blog on the same platform. Magento 2 Blog Extension also enables the e-stores admin to effortlessly post, edit, add tags, create categories, handle comments, etc. It offers an effortless approach that avoids extra efforts to install a 3rd party framework.

This addon is so simple to install even for a no technical person. It doesn’t need any special training or certificate to integrate this addon with the e-store. Once you add this plugin with the e-stores, it empowers the e-stores admin to start or open a blog and handle all activities regarding the blog.

Admin can easily handle everything from the backend. It enables e-stores to use this addon as a great promotional plugin as well. It keeps updating the shopper's knowledge from time to time.

Visit: https://store.webkul.com/magento2-blog-extension.html

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