Ideas and Validation February 21, 2020

Magically finding the right consumer products


Hey there,

I'm already running a small enterprise SaaS product (haven't posted it on IH yet though), but these days I'm coming up with moonshot ideas that I could code to keep things interesting.

Let me know if this is interesting or if it's shit:
When looking to make a decision purchase (speaking of consumers here), the internet has become a shitshow: annoying ads everywhere, sponsored search results, affiliate links, false reviews, too many choices...

I'm thinking of a simple and calm platform where you choose the product category you're looking into (eg. laptops), choose a budget range, select attributes/specs you're looking for and finally tell the platform what are your priorities with that product (eg. CPU for gaming or slick design). Then, the platform returns the products in a clean and minimal layout with the 5-10 products that best fit your query and details for each of those (visually, as badges).

No affiliate links, no ads, just a transparent view of what your options are. So it's essentially not a new way to buy, it's a new way to shop.

The community would be updating the products by "reviewing" what they already own (eg. is laptop XYZ really noisy? y / n).

And of course, it would be free.

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    I'm 50/50 on this. It would work great for potential customers that know enough of what they want to narrow down a range. It would be completely lost on your average customer that has no clue what they want.

    Maybe if you get rid of the specs and features and focus it on what someone is trying to accomplish (i.e., I want to play the latest video games; I need to fix this cabinet door) and provide them a 'solution' in the form of a product (i.e., Alienware Laptop, etc.).

    Too many options is the same as not enough. Take the thinking out of it.

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      Thanks for your input, that's definitely great food for thought!

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        You're welcome. I hope it helps! 🙃