April 2, 2019

Maildown - email management using Markdown

I just launched the MVP of my new product: https://www.maildown.app

As a serial hacker, I inevitably get to the stage where I have to use something like Mailchip or Mailjet to start sending transactional or automated emails. I've never liked the WYSIWYG editors that apps like this offer, as I find them far too time consuming.

This is why I've created Maildown, an email management tool that uses Markdown syntax, which I think make it much quicker to get going.

At the moment, its at a very early stage - the functionality is a bit limited and its probably still a bit buggy. However, I'm putting this out there now to see what appetite there is for a tool like this.

Would be great to hear feedback from anybody, and whether you think it'd be of use to you