Gumroad October 6, 2020

Main 6 mistakes on Gumroad selling. Thoughts after 10 months.

Tetrisly @tetrisly

Hello. I'm co-founder.
Currently, we have $41,139.08 on sale in 10 months, our goal was $80-100k

Our 6 main fails below:

  1. We thought that a good product made good organic sales. NO
  2. We didn’t try to build our audience on social media. SHAME
  3. We tried to cover two targets in one product, design systems and wireframing
  4. We split two platforms into 2 individual products on Gumroad (Figma & Sketch)
  5. We didn’t get someone who is a specialist in social ads.
  6. We didn’t build our affiliation community.

Any advice?

It's time to turn failure into success.

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    Thank you all for all kind words and advices.

    Our activies to achieve over 800 sales:

    1. We give several free licenses to Sketch team, they appriciated our product and featured us on their annual newsletter.
    2. We created few freebies to collect mails (9000 mails)
    3. We do large discounts sometimes.
    4. Every product (Sketch version, Figma version, Freebies) has own Product Hunt launch
    5. Together with @gregdlubacz we created some bundles
    6. We have written few articles about our product:
    7. When we release something new, we tell about it on Facebook groups (UI, UX, Figma)
    8. We are trying reply on all questions from our customers and support them in their work on our product.
    9. Our product is sum of our experiences so we can discuss about what we did and how we did.
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      Thanks for sharing. And out of all these ways where did most of the sales came from ?

      1. 1

        In our case, the most effective source of sales at this moment is email marketing.

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    Over 40 grands isn't exactly my definition of a fail 😀

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    First of all, congrats because you are just half away from your goal, you can achieve it. 💯💥

    I see you don't have thousands of followers, you don't have a blog too! How did you make 800+ sales!

    I'd love to learn from your experience. 🙏

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    I am guilty of #1 and #2 so I'm not really in a position to give advice. I'd say $41K isn't really a failure. I'd love to have a product that earned that kind of revenue. You may not have reached your goal, but all that means is you figured out a way how to "not" make $80-100K (to play on Thomas Edison's 10,000 failures quote.)

    You did something right. I've launched a lot of things that didn't do well financially and I am now 100% convinced that growing your audience first is key. You can do that by providing value up front for free. When you've given enough value, then you can ask them to buy your product.

    @dvassallo has some good advice on audience building. The key is quality not quantity, especially on social media.

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    Well looks a victory for me haha. I can't give you any advice, but I would love to learn about you

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    In little step to gear up my product on Gumroad

    I've been a happy user, but who don't want more sales.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Would be great to exchange opinions!

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