October 23, 2020

Major Mistake which I will laugh about someday

Dave Young @Davey

Major Mistake sounds like a GI Joe character, but it's unfortunately an apt description of what I have done this week...

I've been working hard on a new course I created in Kajabi.. Startup Modeling for Founders.

As part of the course, I built out a sweet business model from scratch in Google Sheets and narrated the whole thing.

It was set to go live today! I have about 2:43 hours of video recorded in 9 clips all uploaded and was running through Lesson 1 when I discovered something..

I didn't have the right mic selected in SnagIt. Heh heh.

So instead of using my cool Blue Yeti mic with a shock absorber placed close to me, I was recording with the webcam mounted up on my wall which didn't pick up any audio at all. So while I captured fantastic screen recordings, all of the narrative and dialog are missing. My fault completely, I should have checked the audio levels but I record video all the time (just not with Snagit screen recorder) and didn't suspect the mic wouldn't be my normal one.

This pushes my course launch back a day or so, but I guess gives me a chance to do it better the 2nd time around! I will probably try to do voiceover of my work to see if that is workable, but chances are good that I will make it from scratch.

At least it only affected a few people, but WOW what a goofup lol.

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    I’d say you handled it gracefully. I definitely appreciated the email heads up and the honesty on what happened. Still looking forward to it!

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