Make a user setting to hide "link" articles?

So... I know this has been discussed before and whilst the sentiment gets a lot of backing, it's fairly difficult to implement.

I am of course talking about the types of articles that I call "personal brand building bullshit" but a more level headed and less a-hole of a person would probably refer to as "link" articles.

These articles more often than not include a click bait title and merely a link to a twitter post or blog hosted somewhere else. Personally, I hate this, and everyone I see lessens my goodwill tank towards IH.

However, I'm sure there's some folk who really get off on these. So What I'm proposing is a simple toggle in an individual's user settings that hides these types of posts from view. Never to be seen again for that person but there to be enjoyed by those who want to engage in off site content.

In summary, I come to IH because I value the discussions that happen ON the platform. I've no interest in twitter posts or other brand building content hosted offsite.

This toggle would make everyone happy.

I can't be alone in this?

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    I'd love if IH moved towards preferring IH-native content (and away from becoming a link dump).

    One easy improvement is to move "milestones" back to a more prominent position. It was moved recently to a placement with really low visibility. The main feed would be a great place for milestones!

    Link posts can sometimes be useful, so a good place could be to place them in the less visible section where milestones are now.

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      Agreed. So much spam can come from it too :/

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      "A link dump" - this sums it up perfectly.

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    It pisses me off too, you click on a post hoping to find actual content, but what you find is an ad.

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    I’m ok with the links if they provide valuable info. But these “best laptops in india” ones we’re seeing lately are getting out of control.

    I’d suggest a different idea because most people wouldn’t know about such setting,( hence keeping such “authors” incentivized to keep posting them).

    Hide posts with downvotes the same way comments are hidden.

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      This is actually a good idea in my opinion but it doesn't solve the problem I'm talking about; I feel like there's a not unsubstantial subset of users here that upvote these types of article. Perhaps based on title alone.

      I still think your idea should be implemented though.

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    I agree, and I found a little way to avoid such an article.
    If there is a URL under the title, the article is only a link to something else, so I usually don't open it.
    Check my screenshot : http://prntscr.com/12gmtwq

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      Thanks this is a cool tip but even still... just by them being their they are blocking about 40% of actual IH content from being in the homepage.

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        100% agree. Sometimes it's great link, but most of the times, it's waste of time.

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    I'd love, at least, distinct formatting for link posts vs discussion posts in the groups list view; so I can scan past them more easily.

    Like OP, I'm only really interested in the sort of "indiehackers unique" content, which are discussions in their nature.

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    Yes, agree 100%, and more to the point: THIS SHOULD BE THE DEFAULT.

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    A downvote option for post won't hurt at this point.

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    I'm probably not going to make this, but link posts are easy enough to tell apart via the HTML, so someone fluent in JavaScript could easily make a browser extension or script to hide link posts.

    Link posts are pretty necessary for IH's future, as they're the easiest way to contribute. But I agree they're often low in quality.

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      Appreciate the transparency.

      Kinda sad that in the same breath you're saying that they're necessary for the future of the platform AND they're often low in quality.

      I dunno what that net sum of that statement is?

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        I think the root of the problem isn't that link posts are a bad feature -- it's that the links being submitted aren't that great. However, that's also true of a large percentage of text posts, too. Which is something I'm working on improving.

        Having a homepage in addition to a "newest" page is an admission that <100% of posts are really worth surfacing to readers.

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          What are the KPIs your looking at for saying a change is good for IH?

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    There's a lot of improvements that need to happen.

    I can't help but think that @csallen has moved on though? He mostly only posts questions here and there and I haven't seen mention of platform improvements in a long time.

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      I'm still around all the time, just busy with podcast and other stuff. But hope to do another wave of platform improvements soon.

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        Fantastic! Is there anything we (people other than you) can do to remove some of these bot/spam accounts in the meantime?

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          I want to start promoting people to moderators and giving them some spam fighting tools. Will require a little bit of engineering though.

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