Make me regret for not outsourcing

What I head in my mind was so much simpler, less colorful version of this no animations at all. However thanks to the cruip people and their charming free templates. I started to fiddle with one of theirs.

I'm glad that I finally take the leap to finish(start) it. I've put a reward for myself to work on an idea that I like but probably not profitable :). Before I jump to that, it's time for the roast. Make me regret for not outsourcing the design/copy or having a landing page at all.

I've managed to sell 2 copies with this post maybe I should keep it that way huh?

BTW claps for the domain please. 🤦‍♂️

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    Anil, good that you shared your goals. Hopefuly we can help you with accountability for this project. As to your questions, more copy. I think you have a funny tool, quite straightforward. But you need to elaborate a lot more.

    I would google something like best landing pages 2020, pick one of them, and fill in the content they advise. Quick and dirty. Optimize later with analytics.

    Should be something like,

    • What is your product (as short as possible, preferably one sentence)
    • What problem(s) does it solve
    • How can you use it (results)
    • For who is it
    • How does it work (examples)
    • FAQ

    Maybe work with different plans (updated data, specific topics,.. see if you can segment it)

    I hope you finish this project, good luck man!

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      Hey, Maeva.

      Thanks for dropping by. When you said, more copy. I've lost my breath for a second or two. To write that 3-5 sentences I've wasted about 2 weeks. But is lacks all the fundamentals I agree. I didn't position it right, didn't explain it well enough, and didn't tried to convince potential customers.

      I'm gonna spare a day solely for the copy. Not just for this project but that's a skill I'll always need. Since these little projects are for experiment and experience. I shall stop procrastinating about it.

      Thanks again for the pinpoints, I'll go over on each one by one.

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        It's a skill that might take some time to develop. But once you get your mojo going, you'll discover it's an essential one that you can apply to all your other projects. #skillbuildingftw

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    Hey @anilkilic I see why you want people to roast your landing page :)
    Look 💸💸💸 It's flying away of your landing page.

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      Hey, let me get some :cages:. Where do you think I'm losing them?

      1. 1

        There: Producthunt Archive. What You'll Get (make it a bullet list), [73462 rows x 23 columns],

        Also you don't look to solve a problem just to have the archive of porduct hunt.

        You seem to have manage to sold two with this page. Now image if you have a landing page that bring conversion you deserve.

        I am a SaaS copywriter. I understand fully your product and a vision to maximise his potential.

        Let me know if you want to know more

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          Thanks for pointing it out, I'm gonna go over it one more time. If I keep struggling to come up with a good copy. I'll be in touch.

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