April 15, 2019

馃弫 ManyPixels Ride Along : 100 Days of Growth Day 1/100

Hey guys,

I am decided to start document how I am planning to grow ManyPixels for the next 100 days.

Why I want to do this:

  • This will keep me accountable (this is the first reason)
  • This will help build our brand
  • This might help fellow IH'ers / and I might get feedbacks/advice for it.

I am planning to work on 3 things:

  • Grow sales : mainly through quality traffic and
  • Improve 1 aspect of service delivery : Speed (this will impact retention / Customer satisfaction)
  • Improve 1 aspect of website to improve conversion rate

In terms of revenue metrics, I'd like to get MRR to $70k monthly in 100 days.

Today's plan:

  • Start the 100 days of Growth Challenge
  • Start working on Task catalog on website
  • Follow up with service delivery team to see what processes we will work on in the next weeks and how I can help

#daily-stand-up #100daysofgrowth

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    Ah, great, would love to follow your story! I think it will be very helpful to others to actually see how others are trying to grow.