April 26, 2019

Mark @ Recapped here (from latest podcast episode) AMA

Mark Fershteyn @Fersh

Hey everyone, I'm extremely happy to say I'm on the latest episode of the IndieHackers Podcast.

I'm a sales leader turned entrepreneur where I started Recapped.io, an easy way for potential customers to communicate with their sales rep, consultant, or freelancer. Imagine if Proposals and Project Management had a baby :)

Happy to answer any questions that you might have about the podcast episode, the business, my other side-hustles, or really anything else!

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    How did you convince customers that your product was better than email and that it was worth spending money on?

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      Hey Steve, just like with anything else in sales it was about digging in and finding the problems.

      Email is great, but it becomes a nightmare when you're working a large enterprise sale with 5-10 different stakeholders involved. You can imagine how many email chains can come from that, not to mention the missed content.

      When $50,000 to $1 mill is on the line - you want to invest in tools that make it easier.

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    Hey Mark!
    Loved you interview with Courtland and also caught you on the Sales for Founders podcast too- i really pulled a lot from your interviews.
    I’m an engineer by trade but I really want to learn to sell (I’m building a product and prepping to start selling). To hear you talk about sales funnels and processes, I was wondering if there were any books you could recommend for learning some of the basics of sales and starting out with some best practices.

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    Hey Mark,

    First, thanks for sharing your story, I enjoyed listening to it while on my commute. In the interview you mentioned some tips when wanting to sell ending with something along the lines of "If you do it enough you will have some amount of success" and also mentioned that you wanted to create a course.

    Could you be more specific with your recommendations? What's a good resource to read when starting to sell as a founder / indie hacker with no sales experience? Where exactly should we start if we want to be good at sales? What's the road to level up?

    Could you mention any frameworks, resources that are generally good for all businesses?