Maxcalling: Simplicity for a sales app redefined


In our first attempt at a startup we sold a video conferencing solution similar to #Zoom. Did unfunded throughout. 2 people mostly. Competed head to head with Skype for business, GotoMeeting & Google hangouts.

Then even we batted for privacy of users. But fight against these giants took a toll on me personally! Eventually we decided to close our company. The pressure was just too much.

From learnings of 10 + years during selling our video conferencing software we realised Maxcalling, a sales app for small businesses/startups & solo entrepreneurs.

App aptly name Maxcalling is our #maximum calling towards succeeding as a startup and that too bootstrapped! Something about freedom that we just love...

Its a new take on selling. Especially for beginners. I would appreciate if indiehacker community could use the app and then even review it. Link to our website is www.maxcalling.com. Its has links to Google Play and AppStore.

On website you can also find a little about our team. This time around also we have designed and engineered Android and IOS app with just 2 people on board. I have personally taken on a business loan in covid situation when sales as a function was down world over! Mind you I put in all I had in the video startup.

Plus if you do like our product we got a life time deal running on AppSumo https://appsumo.com/products/marketplace-maxcalling/. It might help use keep our operations bootstrapped!

Yash Sharma

PS: We still have to edit our design assets for AppSumo Marketplace. It would be great if you can review our app first and then decide on buying it.

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