Ideas and Validation March 26, 2020

Maybe the perfect time for market-research

Lucas Luitjes @lucasluitjes

Take with a grain of salt, my audience may not be your audience, etc., but:

I think maybe people are happy for a distraction. I've been doing some cold calls to various businesses to ask for their thoughts on the problem my product tries to solve, and their opinion of what I've been building.

It's only a handful of calls so not statistically significant, but, everyone I've spoken to has been tripping over themselves to be helpful. Anyone else have the same experience? For context, the businesses I've been calling are dev agencies.

So if you have ideas on the back burner, this might be a great time to reach out to strangers and ask for their thoughts. By the time the economy turns around you'll have better developed ideas and the beginnings of a launch list.

Just keep in mind, people are more fragile now, be gentle and helpful and not pushy.