Growth December 9, 2019

Measuring Omni-Channel Marketing Attribution

Jeff D. @1smilingnomad

Starting a little holiday ML project with a friend. Looking for a few marketers who can be our sponsor users (aka guinea pigs).

Our plan is to create a simple, chain based marketing attribution platform that can help a marketers map customer pathways to purchase (across multiple online channels), understand and predict patterns, and ultimately, to understand marketing ROI per channel with more detail than is currently possible.

Looking for 3-5 sponsor users to work with as we build the platform out. Those folks will get free access for 6 months while we create something that's super valuable. Our ideal sponsor users run or manage eCommerce sites that generate at least $50k in revenue per month, leverage ads spanning FB, Instagram, and Google. We'd only need access to your data (historical is fine) and 1-3 hours of your time for research and to review the platform as we build.

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    Hey Jeff, I might have someone who might be interested. What's the best email/site to find our more about what you're offering?

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      Hi! I don't have a website yet for this project. Your friend can reach me at jeff @ (no spaces). Sorry, those darn bots seem to always find and spam my email.