Medium writers: what communities do you use to foster your content?

Lately, I been trying to get more serious into Medium, promote my personal brand and maybe earn a couple extra bucks. I write mostly about Technology and Software Engineering, and have been featured in important publications as the StartUp and recommended by curators: https://medium.com/@santiagoq.

I want to bring my game to the next level: divulgating content on multiple platforms, learing about SEO, attending meet-ups and getting the adequate channels for prmotion. Any experts that can provide some advice? Has it worked to promote your business/personal brand? Would you suggest other alternatives to promote content?

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    If think you should have your own website/platform/audience and you republish your original content in Medium, they have a feature called "import a story" for this. And start to create your own audience

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      I agree Tiago, but since I write mainly from mobile. Managing my own website feels overworking. I will consider it though. There seems to be an area of opportunity and Medium has the very handy .json extension for every blog post, so there might be ways to automate it.

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    I heard that they should be adding embedded options again soon but no date yet.
    I will recommend that one of the things is to promote it here. However one thing that I am seeing is that your profile is incomplete. You need to personalize your profile and put links to twitter and LinkedIn. Be open so people will trust you

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      Thank you Diego, you are right my credentials are not synced, thank you for the kind advice and will follow up on that shortly.

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    The problem with Medium is that you can no longer embed it on your website and that it won 't have a direct influence on your website SEO.

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      Having an own blog (as you suggested) is a good alternative. One thing you missed is Medium is bringing their custom domains feature back (after working on it for years?)

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      Thank you @LVRSNFRNDS, I'll consider that. What alternative do you suggest?

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        Have a blog on your page.

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