Landing Page Feedback January 18, 2021

Meetlog LP is live - any feedback welcomed

Borislav Grigorov @borislav

Hey 👋

How's it goin' guys?

I've been working hard on my side project and have just finished polishing the landing page.

Say HI to

Meetlog is basically a platform for organizing your meetings inputs/outputs. Think notes, tasks, files, agenda, etc., in real-time, with meeting stats, insights and other goodies.. The app itself is, ehm, still in a very early stage. I have the frontend almost done, and I'm hoping to start developing the backend very soon.

So, ANY feedback, ideas, suggestions, critiques etc. will be massively appreciated!!! ❤️

I have some ideas on how to further improve it, but plan to share them a bit later, once I collect enough feedback on the current version. 😇

Have an amazing week, guys! 🤘

P.S. I'm building this in public (here, in my blog, sharing progress on twitter and a couple of other places). Here's how it started. In the very beginning I called it meetOlog, but this O bugged me quite a bit, so I got rid of it. Now it's just meetlog :D. I'll publish more detailed updates soon.

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    Hi Borislav,

    Positives about the landing page:

    1. The lines section is good. It talks directly to the visitor.
    2. Good CTA copy
    3. Why and Who sections look solid.


    1. Some text does not have good contrast. For example the note right under the hero CTA is barely visible. All the text that uses the same color has the readability issue. You can use darker gray color to improve the readability.

    2. The lines section does not use a proper h2 heading. It does not gets much attention now. Use h2 with a bigger and bolder font.

    3. Some screenshots of the product features make it difficult to distinguish between the text and the screenshot because of the same font-sizes and font-weights. The layout is not consistent for this section. Some screenshots are bigger, some smaller. It hurts the website flow and makes it difficult for the user to skim the content. Let the features section span more area, use same size screenshots and use more spacing.

    4. Casual updates text is repeated two times. It's good to only keep it in front of checkbox, it's more generous this way. And change the color of the text to increase the contrast value. Here's a good resource

    Hope this helps.

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      @thearslankhalid thanks a lot, Arslan! Really helpful feedback. Absolutely straight to the point and valuable one. I'll post soon an updated version!

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        Really glad that you found it useful!

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          Absolutely. Just fixed the contrast issues and the title on the "lines" section. Also removed the grayish BG on the "Notes" feature, much better that way. I'll need to play a bit more with the features section and the images there, tho.

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    Hey Borislav @borislav,

    It's a good landing page. Here's one thing I think you should work on though:

    The messaging on the hero is all about you. But your visitor will be asking,

    "You do all these things. So what? How does that help me?"

    The words "meeting logs. simplified." doesn't really scratch a great emotional need.

    However, if I scroll a little bit lower, I'm taken to the section with the header: "Do these lines sound familiar to you?"

    Reading all these different situations, I can imagine your target user getting so frustrated when any one of these things happens. These are the times he's/she's looking for a solution like yours.

    So why not capitalize on that emotion/that situation.

    How? Imagine you're talking to one of your target customers during one of these moments of utter frustration. How are you going to say to him/her that you've got the answer to his/her problem? That your product can make his/her problem disappear?

    When you know this,  you'll have the statement you need to write the headline/subheadline that will get your target customers' attention.

    Hope that makes sense.

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      @yongibarnard, such a great advice! To be honest, I've been thinking a about for exactly that line, but it's still hard for me to come up with something that catchy enough in 3-5 words. The way you frame it will definitely help me, tho! Thanks again, will share the progress on this!

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