Mental fitness app with $250k ARR looking for React/React Native engineer to join core team/as co-founder

We're still looking for that one last missing piece of the puzzle!

We're a team of 3 co-founders (Psychology/Business, CTO/Backend Engineer and Designer). We launched a mental fitness/meditation app based on the flow concept by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. We generated over >100k downloads, built a paying user base ($250k ARR) and have raised around $1M so far.

We managed to build a product that is loved by users and has good unit economics but we're still missing a frontend engineer in our core/founder team who is as passionate about mental fitness and our innovative vision for it as we are to push our app to the next level. There's so much potential to build a truly unique product in this space with our concept!

So if you're an experienced front-end engineer who wants to dive into entrepreneurship together with us and join an already up and running and growing company this is your opportunity.

Required: React, React Native, Redux experience
We're based in Berlin, Germany; but we're open to remote setups if the fit is great.

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    Hi @DavidNotJacob,

    I’ve downloaded and tried your Flow app. The UX is awesome.

    I have 12 years of experience as developer and I can do React Native and React Js. But I can do remote only

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      Hi @momus, thank you! Would love to learn more. Can you send me a quick email with some background on you and projects you've worked on and that I can check out? My email is david.jacob{at}flowlab.com

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    Hello do you need React or React Native? these are 2 different skill sets and technologies.

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