Product Hunt January 14, 2021

Mentioned is #1 Product of The Day 🥇

Daniel Rongo @danielrongo

Damn if that feels good!

1500+ upvotes and 150+ comments, including from Ryan Hoover.

Ok, he talks about TweetDeck in his comment but hey, he still stopped by!

We were up against some though competitors like EllisX and Jamform for the day, and SavvyCal, that stole our weekly thunder - Derrick, if you're reading, congrats!

It wasn't an easy decision, we thought about it for weeks. We wanted to be perfect. Then we realized that without critical mass and enough user feedback, perfection is just an illusion.

Here's the post:

Here's Mentioned, instead:

Time for a toast with a good class of Cava, then back to work.

We'll keep the Champagne for TechCrunch 🥂

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