Mentorship for growth hacking

Hi, I'm the founder of Sparrow (https://twitter.com/sparrowstartup) where we help you find mentorship from founders with exits & professionals at companies like Uber. I want to eagerly post about my lessons, hardships and key takeaways as a founder in bite-sized articles so we can all learn as we grow. I wrote 2 last week.

I've taken the initiative to build in public because it helps me accurately match what founders want to learn and who they want to learn it from. I have 1:1 honest chats with anyone looking to get help - sometimes I match them with Sparrow mentors, other times I try and find them someone who can help them through my personal network.

Recently, through my interviews, I've learned that growth and hiring are two crucial things that growing companies with $$K MRR (monthly recurring revenue of $10,000+) struggle with. Do you see this as true? Please only speak from your personal experience.

To help a founder in my network, I am looking for 2 growth hacking founders who've taken their companies from 0 to 1 and have increased engagement with their product significantly. Do you know anyone in your network that I should meet for this? Have they mentored founders before? Bonus points if they've had exits. Thanks guys!! Love this community so so much.

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