Metrics matter – even for tiny projects

I just wrote a post over on my personal blog about metrics. I still remember the metrics lecture from Startup School, and really thought it was interesting – but a little bit nitpicky.

I understood that a 3.4% conversion rate makes a ton of difference from a 3.7% conversion rate in a multi-million dollar startup, but why should I worry about it for my tiny little project mentorcruise.com?

Turns out, I was wasting my energy. Folks dropped out of the funnel (still hate that word) left and right, my churn was through the roof, and all I focused on was how to get more folks on the website.

Now, when someone visits my website, there is twice as much chance that they convert to a paying customer, and about a 20% higher chance that they stay on after their trial. Much work to do, but this is my intro to metrics for tiny projects.


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    Your project is well designed @dqmonn

    Interested to hear what other metrics keep you awake!

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    Nice! Indeed, metrics matter. It's great that you know these things about your business and you're making changes that result in more money.

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    What change did you make to the funnel that had the biggest impact on your conversion and churn?

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      • Shorten the Funnel, removed two steps which weren't supposed to be there.
      • Better FAQ, infused along the way as notes and reminders
      • Less 'blocks' – a password and email is just required at the very last step when you have already invested time


      • Better Onboarding
      • More Info upfront to manage expectations (in our case the location and response time of each mentor)
      • Exit Survey that provides feedback (mostly that mentorships can be paused if there is no need for some weeks)
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        Awesome, thanks @dqmonn! Can you tell me more about the FAQ? I'd love some context and, if possible, numbers on how that one specifically helped. I'm hoping to do a writeup. If you want to do this via email: [email protected]

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