Metronome podcast Insights Report

Edit: you can also read the Insights Report on Metronome

Metronome launched just over a month ago, in early December 2020. Towards the end of December, we added some analytics capabilities to capture traffic and user engagement on our podcast landing pages.

Insights data - part 1

Insights data - part2

And with just about a month's worth of data, I wanted to share with IH some of the interesting findings to date:

Direct traffic and Twitter rule the day
For podcasters, directly sharing the link to their shows, and posting about it on Twitter, seem to bring the most traffic. IH contributes some as well!

5% engagement rate
The 2,345 visits to Metronome podcast landing pages resulted in 109 clicks of the play button or clickthroughs to other podcast platforms (iTunes, Spotify etc) - a conversion rate that's just shy of 5%.

Google Podcasts on the rise
Seems like Google Podcasts may shape up to be a formidable competitor to other more established listening platforms. With their recent addition of custom RSS feed support, will we see more innovation coming from them to stave off Netflix's audio-only mode and the like?

Caveat: it's still early days, and we've only had a handful of pages to collect insights from. But it will be very interesting to see what the landscape looks like a few quarters from now.

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