Micro-copywriting: The little texts that make a big difference on your business

When we think about copywriting, we usually focus on general content. We’re worried about creating headers with a hook, an “about us” that makes a difference, or an immaculate product card. This is great, provided we don’t forget about the little texts that make a big difference and will serve to support everything you’ve built so far. But what happens with the small details and content of your website or app?

You’ve probably never even heard of micro-copywriting, but it’s becoming more prevalent in websites and apps, just like stationary is getting popular in marketing in the last few years.

Micro-copywriting or how to bring awareness to your brand

Microcopywriting is the practice of making the smallest details great. It’s not something you can do with a header or large text on a website.

They’re fragments that are generally low visibility, that don’t occupy the main positions which are meant to hold the reader’s attention by doing something different.

The most common places to find these are in the forgotten corner of the websites like cookies, the 404 Error page, or the privacy policy. But you can also find it in places like the newsletter or the contact forms, etc.

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