Micro-Startup Feedback Needed

Hey Y'all!

Arki Tool Kit is an affiliate focused store/directory for architecture students looking for the best and most affordable tools for model making, drafting, etc.

Because the goal of this project is to generate passive income, I don't see myself creating weekly posts as I would for a blog but maybe something similar to an online store with a certain amount of products. For this to be successful, should I treat it similar to a blog or just cover the necessary tools with a total of ~20 posts. At what point do you think it exceeds a "mico-startup"?

I already create architecture content on YT, IG, and Twitter which will then drive leads to Arki Tool Kit.

(site is still being worked on but this is the general idea)

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    hey Joseph! ;)

    i'm an architecture graduate ;)
    store/directory is awesome for "listing" model in your website.

    Blog is good! monetize the newsletter from time to come.
    Social Media is great to grow exposure and audience but you need to share a good content on architecture: tools, how-to, video tutorials and tips to get a job!

    To generate this as passive income:

    1. monetize your website (membership in the community) mthly/anually
    2. monetize your newsletter (some content + subscribe email)
    3. monetize your store (affiliate links to amazon)

    directory can be free so it can grow well for the SEO online.

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      Awesome, thanks for the advice! I have a newsletter that I started a few months back that is slowly gaining traction so the next goal is to hopefully monetize that and start populating the website with more amazon affiliate links/posts.

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        yes that is what growth is about slow and steady.
        you can do some backlinks too

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