Micropayments with an "easy button" - CentiPenny

CentiPenny (https://www.centipenny.com) is a micropayment processor that allows businesses to charge as little as $0.0001 for most anything online.

Want to charge $0.05 for access to your blog post, video, or podcast? We can do it. You earn $10 per 1000 users for every $0.01 charged. 10k users paying $0.10 is $1000. If you are a creator, you can make a living off of that. You can't make a living from ads with 10k users.

Want a pay-per-article add on to your existing subscription paywall? We can do that too.

Want to charge $0.25 for a feature of your app? E.g. Snapchat charging for their new dog ears filter or Canva charging for premium images.

Want a little extra money from basic users? Why not charge a small amount instead of having a free tier? E.g. If you have a spreadsheet app, charge $0.50 per spreadsheet and then have your all you can eat subscription tier.

In-game/In-app content? We can do that. Currently in browser only, but will have an API for direct charges very soon.

Want to sell PDFs, mp3s or other downloads? We can do that too. We are cheaper than traditional CC processors for prices below $2.50 and we are MUCH faster.

People don't think they can earn a lot of money with micropayments, but you really can. If you sell your app for $0.50 instead of $3, but you get 20x more buyers who will pay because it is just $0.50, you earn a lot more money.

Our API is very easy to integrate. You can create a basic paywall with a single line of code. You can create a store page with multiple items and use our API to drive the whole thing with as little as 6-7 lines of code. It is flexible in how it is called, so it can be run on page load or called programmatically. We have help guides to walk you through some setup scenarios.

For users, it is very fast, easy, and we protect users privacy. We have 1-click and no-click purchasing. Nobody wants to take a lot of time to spend $0.01 or even $0.25.

No upfront or setup costs. We don't earn money unless you are earning money.

We don't use cryptocurrencies, so we are accessible to all.

If you need help getting set up or with ideas of how you can monetize your business with micropayments, you can email us or tweet us and we will be happy to work with you.

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