Migrating a community to ProductHunt (or Ship?)

Hi folks,

I've been researching these past few weeks on seeding a PH launch and I'm still a bit confused. Our product (OneSub) has ~4,200 people using already but I'm pretty sure that the Venn diagram of "people who use OneSub" and "people on PH" is basically two circles. (Thanks Figma for making that easy to demonstrate 😁)

Do people who launch successfully on PH have a decent intersection?

I think we're facing building a whole new community of people who might like what we're doing and might also know what ProductHunt is. Is that the expectation?

With that in mind, we've been creating this "Ship" page which I think I've set up correctly but the Ship product is buggy, it's taken a chap on Intercom to get me through billing and even now I'm not sure it's working.

Is Ship the best place to collate/corral the "400 people, minimum" whom I need before launching on PH proper?

Is it appropriate to ask my 4,200 registered people to go vote on PH - 99% won't understand, have accounts or appreciate the interruption... (I'm pretty certain "uploading" the list to Ship is borderline illegal in the UK, certainly sketchy)...

Sorry, questions more clearly:

  1. Do people who launch successfully on PH have a decent intersection?
  2. Is Ship the right place to collate/corral the "400 people, minimum"?
  3. Is it wise to ask my 4,200 registered people to go vote on PH?

Thank you 🙏

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    OK, so I'm learning as I go along with Product Hunt, but one piece of advice I was given on Reddit was that PH works similarly to Reddit, in relation to what a vote is 'worth'.

    So, for active people there is a bronze symbol from 100 points, from 500 points the silver symbol and from 1000+ points the golden symbol. Everyone who has launched a product on Product Hunt and is therefore a Maker, also has a green "M" as an indicator.

    And the more points you have, the more valuable your votes are.

    So asking everyone to come on over and vote won't necessarily do the business, because upvotes from established and active members have more weight than those from new members.

    So you'd need to encourage people to sign up to Product Hunt and be a part of the community before you launch anything, otherwise their upvotes won't count as much as you'd like them to.

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      Right, okay, that's super useful to know... and therefore, do we think it's important to find Makers to engage with the Ship (prelaunch) page? I find that super disjointed and confusing.

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        As far as I can tell, the more people who are engaged in the PH community and are interested in the product, the better - so having some makers on board would definitely be helpful.

        The people on the Reddit sub said it's worth trying to find a hunter to help launch your product, too (although some of the biggest hunters also take a fee to launch your product.)

        But if you can find a hunter who is well connected to the community, they can be invaluable. And a really high-profile hunter can also make sure that your product is featured directly on the front page.

        1. 1

          Where does one find a Hunter?!

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