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Migrating user database from phone to web

My app is in react native using mysql database and firebase for events. We had plans to move the code to Google's Flutter eventually.

I'm just wondering any input on what would be the easiest way to migrate the users locally stored database (on device) to the web for read-only viewing?

The second part of the question is, also having the web database so that it would read/write on the web so they could login and edit their data , which would then sync back to the phone app.


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    Migrations are certainly not the most exciting. Do people have user accounts already at all? Or is everything all local to the device? I imagine you need a flow for people to sign up for an account with you in the cloud (possibly using Firebase Authentication + Firestore for database) and then be very transparent that the data would be transmitted off the device and synced online. Some people may have used your app because they wanted the offline/local functionality.

    It could be interesting to change your codebase completely to Flutter while also migrating a local database to the cloud, sounds like a huge dev headache. Have you considered just starting from zero with a new v2 version and deprecating the old tool with an export function & then an import function for the new app after people already have a new account?

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