Milestone: Medium Paid Me $5000 For A Viral Article About Clubhouse

Another milestone as a creator in 2021!

This month, I reached my first $5K from a blog post.
The highest-ever recorded in my journey.

I've spent more time writing on Medium amidst the lockdown of 2020.

I remember making my first $2.79 and I was so happy.

Today, I make one month's salary from one post.

Is this the future of the creator economy? 🎉

Read more here: https://medium.com/p/b751048bf9f7

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    Since you also mentioned going viral on Twitter & Co, does Medium give you insights into where your readers come from?

    Would love to see how many people actually "discover" stories within Medium or if most traffics stems from articles being shared on other platforms.

    1. 2

      Hi Fabio! Let me share the stats here. :)


      Internal (within Medium) - 79%

      External referrals - 21%

      email, IM, and direct - 16.3K
      google.com - 2.5K
      mail.google.com - 1.98K
      linkedin.com - 1.7K
      facebook.com - 1.5K
      twitter.com - 1.4K
      Android device (not Medium app) - 594
      rsci.app.link - 229
      duckduckgo.com - 103
      news.ycombinator.co - 96
      All other external referrals - 325

      1. 2

        That's a pretty interesting breakdown, thanks for sharing!

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