Minor pivot to Eurotripr after 6 months of failing to finish/launch

So after failing so far after almost 6 months to finish Eurotripr.com and launch it with the features i envisioned for an MVP, I have started to pivot to a more 'interview' style inspirational content site (for now). I'd like to launch SOMETHING so I don't feel the past 6 months have been a total waste.

The site still has some issues and I need to hide the unfinished sections and content, but I have successfully interviewed 15 travelers who agreed to give advice to wannabe European travelers. I've finalized 8 or 9 of them and would love some feedback from the IH community on

  1. do you think pivoting in this situation was a good idea, or should I have A. continued on the path to complete or B. scrapped the site and moved on to something completely different?
  2. Do you think the actual interviews are presented well and in a manner that will help wannabe European travelers?


Thanks to anyone who takes the time to look at this. It's been a long 6 months and motivation and excitement is at a new low.

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    Maybe create stories, interviews, general content about traveling within EU - grouped by spending size and first/100th visit.

    E.g if you come from India and wants to travel to Europe for the first time, having $xxx in budget; Where should I go/do?

    (This is not a problem Im having, but I have answered questions like this many times, coming from freelancers and coworkers outside of europe)

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      Thanks for the suggestion. I’m working on filtering gl by countries visited right now but I like the idea of budget and having actual stories so I can filter by budget and number of days etc.


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    I like the idea of interviewing travelers, Europeans or not. But I don't see a point in the website, maybe you should do a podcast where you interview travelers. Start with a youtube and then when you build your audience create a website, sell stuff for travelers, etc. Just my 5 cents.

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      Thanks for taking a look at the interviews.

      The original idea was to show users the countries, cities, and things to do in Europe, allow them to see curated trip itineraries so the can plan their trip easier. Build a podcast interviewing travelers about their trips to inspire others and provide advice to new travelers. Create content around travel tips. And most importantly at the start provide COVID restriction data for all European destinations so travelers knew when and were it was safe to travel in Europe.

      I wanted to build a paywall so paying members could then create custom trip itineraries, invite friends and plan trip together, chat with each other via in-app chat, ask/answer questions in a forum, create meetups to meet in person while traveling in Europe, match up with travel partners.

      I also what to offer ads to companies selling travel related products, but need traffic for this obviously.

      All these things and more are still being worked on, but I never thought I'd be 6 months in with nothing live. So i took a step back and asked myself what I thought I could do immediately to get something launched that would be somewhat useful to travelers wanting to visit Europe. This is what I came up with. See if I can get any traffic and decide if continuing with the other features, and Eurotripr in general, is worth it.

      Thanks again for your time and input. I really appreciate it and actually have the YouTube suggestion as a Todo on my list already.

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    No clue was the initial path for your product was, so I am unable to answer 1)st question
    and 2) yeah, it reminds me of NomadList!

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      Original idea was to build something VERY similar to NomadList but directed specifically at travelers going to Europe. County, City, Things todo rankings and description. Show COVID restriction data per location. Allow users to view and vote on trip itineraries. Allow people to pay to build custom itineraries, talk to each other via chat and ask/answer questions in a forum. Crowdsource cost data to give a sense of what things actually cost to help plan trips more accurately. Have a podcast interviewing travelers about their past trips and how COVID impacted their plans. Allow paid users to create meetups in Europe and find travel partners. There are a lot of other features i am still working on, but this is basically what the goal was 6 months ago.

      Thanks for taking a look at it.

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