May 6, 2019

Mission-driven startups database: Add suggestions to the sheet ❤️

Valentijn van den Hout @vvdhout

Hi friends 👋

I want to create an database of mission-driven startups with their information.

I often come across startups that I find incredibly inspiring because of what they are aiming to add to the world and would love to create a database to help people find them. This could be interesting for job opportunities with more meaning and purpose, altruistic investment opportunities for investors, pure inspiration for founders, etc.

Just an example of an amazing startup that I added: Open Bionics, which aims to create affordable, awesome bionic limbs for amputees (they for example make amazing Star Wars bionic limbs for little kids that have lost an arm).

I'd love to see which startups you have come across that deserve a spot. Feel free to dive into the sheet and enter their information.

Google Sheet:

All love ❤️


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    Love the distinction of Mission Based startups. Pretty sure Lamda school has a mission. Would definitely enjoy browsing through.

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      Good one! Lambda School is a great example. I'll go add it in but if you have any suggestions feel free to throw them in there (just the name and the website is enough if you don't have the time, then I'll add more info)

      Any particular reason you'd like to use the database? Just inspiration? Just to kind of get an idea 😄

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        I think there's something magical about people on a mission. Look at Liverpool FC tonight!

        I think you could definately turn this into an MVP. Will try and think of some more. I'm sure IH has a mission.

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          Liverpool was impressive. And yes, that is also a good example of the way I feel one should feel for the company they work for; the same way the Liverpool fans feel for their club.

          Indeed. Hope to use this to just test what people are interested in regarding these types of startups (myself, the job openings); there is probably a lot to find out still. I am throwing IH in there as well! Good suggestion 👏

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    Yo @vvdhout , just wandering what the state of play is with this idea?

    I've been thinking to make a really simple landing page, inspired by this as a side project for . But obviously it's your idea so I'm not going to go with it, unless you're too busy.

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      Go for it.

      I really like the idea behind this but not sure if I will be able to get the time to work through it properly. I am working on Courseroot together with a new partner (super excited about this) and we got a lot of new ideas for the platform that I'll be hammering away at. I have another idea that I think is very interesting in that space and I'll be testing that out soon as well, just to get a feel for it.

      And I absolutely appreciate you taking the time to ask 🙏

      But by all means, if you can create such a platform where I can send somebody to, and they'll be able to find jobs that make them truly happy, that would be freaking awesome 🔥

      There are a few things that I think might be good to keep in mind though while working on this (e.g. the ratio [true mission-driven companies] / [total companies] is really, really low, so you need to see how many you can get on there; where do you start? It might be best to start regionally/nationally and make sure you can offer a variety of options for somebody in comparison to starting globally and having a super thin website with hardly any options for a specific region). If you want to play around with it and see where it takes you, I'd freaking love to see that.

      And if in any way I can help, whether it is just for brainstorming, feedback, or advise, just let me know. Would love to.