Mobile App Developers?

I really enjoy building mobile apps, but as far as I can tell, the absolute majority of mobile apps are B2C apps and from what I gather, it's generally not a great idea to go for B2C simply because the scale that is required to make a significant amount of revenue.

Nonetheless, I'd really love to chat with some other Indie Hacking mobile app developers to bounce some ideas off of. Is that you, or is that someone you know?

Just pick a slot and let's have a chat 😅


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    Why not post your queries here?

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      I enjoy talking to and connecting with people face to face.

      Also, I think there are a lot of nuances that you can perceive and spontaneous topics that pop up that just doesn't happen in the same way with text.

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    Hey 👋👋

    I'm a Mobile Team Lead for a global company developing cross platform apps for local government.

    I use web native technology, specifically Ionic React with capacitor to develop.

    I'm actually starting a podcast, dedicated to mobile app development as well where I'll be discussing mobile app development and raising awareness about web native.

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    Quite an interesting idea. I would like to know more about your application. I also develop applications in my spare time, and my last project was inspired by https://www.mspy.com/, although I don't know which one I liked better. I wish you the best of luck with your application development.

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      Interesting niche!

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    I part time build and manage my Android app Snap Search. I agree about the scale point - it's crazy.

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      Are your revenue numbers on IH up to date? $80 MRR? That looks like a pain in the ass as far as monetization is concerned.

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        Ahhh sorry thanks for pointing it out. Have updated ($200) it now 😅

        It is a pain though. Monetising a 'browser' via subscriptions is kinda wacky. But it's starting to work (slowly). Honestly, toughest challenge I'm facing now is acquisition. Conversion rate is pretty solid.

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          I'm pretty impressed that you are making $200 MRR on it, seems super niche :) Do you know how your users found your app in the first place? Is it a monthly subscription, or a one-time fee?

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            A lot of effort through various channels for sure!

            Both options are present currently. I'm promoting the monthly one more inside the app though.

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          Nice, $200 is already better. 👍

          Still sounds like a pain but I like your dedication. Additionally, you're seeing results. Good job!

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    Hello Poyan, Let's connect to discuss possible synergies. Thank you.

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    B2B mobile apps for businesses rarely make sense. When it does, you typically have a business already then you augment and support your business with a mobile app that you might charge for. If not, then you're probably hitting a marketplace because if you don't have a business and you're selling an app to businesses, then they need customers. Quick, name 3 popular B2B apps that are not marketplace? I'm sure there are some, but often B2B tends to be more SaaS, WebApps.

    With that said, I'm currently working on a B2C app knowing it's going to require massive effort to see any revenue with plans to charge $1 a month. :-)

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      Yeah, I think most of the B2B apps that I can come to think of are value-adds to existing services. Like Salesforce, Docusign, some apps for handling receipts etc.

      I have similar thoughts (but with a higher price point 😅). Let's have a chat if you're keen!

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    As with most things, it depends on your idea and execution. If you want to create a B2C app then my suggestion would be to first start with finding your audience and building up a following. Learning all the things they want built in the app and pick the most important feature from what your audience shared. This way when you release the app you already have customers waiting for it.

    Or find an app that is somewhat popular but has quite a few complaints and build a better version. There are plenty of ideas for B2C apps that could generate a sizable amount of revenue but having customers at the start will increase the chance of success.

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      Yeah, I'm attempting this path now. Found a target audience with 40k users in a group on Facebook and no specific solutions that serve them, so will throw up a landing page and see if people would be interested.

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