Mobile app subscription models (IAP?)

Hi, I starting to work on an app where we like to have a yearly subscription model. But the main important thing is that we need to get the users mail adres , to send them some email and notifications about the app.
What is the best way, and supported by Google and Apple?

And is it possible to avoid the stores fee with subscriptions? Not a must, just a question.

When we put the app in the stores, is it possible to let the users first do an in-app subscription, or do we need some way to give them some free functionality in the app.

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    1. If you want to get user emails, the best way to do is to ask them to sign up and give you their email address.

    In Google Play Dev Console, you can find orders based on email ID but they don't show the email ID in the details. So I am not sure if that detail is available via some API.

    1. It is possible to avoid the store fees with subscriptions, if you don't use Google / Apple in-app purchase framework. You can implement your own payment system with Stripe or any other providers. However, this is against play store / app store policies – All the payments for digital products must be done through Google / Apple in-app purchases. Google may ignore this, but Apple would not.

    2. Another way to circumvent Google / Apple in-app purchase policy is to offer subscriptions via your website. You have to set-up your own payments and subscription system (with Stripe or any other provider). When people want to start subscription from the app, you can redirect them to your website. Spotify & Netflix use this strategy. Apple may not approve your app if you don't provide an option to start subscription using Apple's in-app purchase framework.

    3. Technically, there's no restriction that you must give users something for free. It totally depends on you. But freemium or free trial is a good way to get people start using your product. Only few users will pay before using the product for a few days.

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      Hi jayranbhia, thanks for the clear explanation

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