Mobile (Cross Platform) Engineer Ready to Co-Found by Building

I am ready to join you by building a complete product on Android / iOS / Web / Desktop.

  • Funding is a plus
  • You are business or design-focused

Tell me about your idea, if it fits in with my values and philosophies - let's do it!

  1. 1

    Hi Hugo! I'm definitely interested in your experience. I put a brief description of our product below as well as our progress to date!

    CompFit is a free social fitness app where creators can concentrate on monetizing premium content through subscription tiers, while users are able to get high touch interaction with their favorite fitness creators and be a part of a digital fitness community.

    CompFit delivers much more interactive content than just classes like competitors do. Creators can host single workouts, multi-week programs, pre recorded and live classes, and they can also charge for one on one communication/workouts through texting and phone calls.

    We currently have 2 developers working on the MVP (including myself) and we're looking to hire some additional devs to speed up the development. We're looking for either front-end or back-end developers, or a skilled CTO if we feel like you can be a good fit. Short description of skills are listed below:

    Front-End: IOS (Swift)
    Back-End: Python, Django, PostgreSQL, and AWS experience

    Current Progress:
    Financial Model: Completed
    Customer Discovery: Completed
    Pitch Deck: Completed
    Website: 2 weeks out
    Raised capital and in the middle of our pre-seed round
    UX/UI: finalized in the next few weeks
    Branding: Completed
    Board of Advisors: 50%

    If you feel passionate about fitness, the creator economy, or want to work on a new innovative product, let me know! My email is [email protected]

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