Moderators September 25, 2020

Moderators: What do you pin on your IH group?

Brayden 🙃 @BraydenTW

Hi everyone! Just joined the IH moderators group and think it’s a great idea. 👍

A bit of background info on me, I am one of the moderators for the Open Source group on IH. We’ve grown to 36 members and hope to keep getting noticed by this wonderful community :)

I wanted to ask all the group moderators here what type of posts they pin on the top of their groups.

For me, I pinned one that acted sort of like an “icebreaker” for all the open source indie hackers out there. ⬇️

Show us your open source project! 👨‍💻

How about you? 🙃

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    i've tried pinning a few things but i need to review them today. good reminder!

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