Product Development July 26, 2020

🏇🏻Monday! What are you going to build this week?

Marvin Danig @marvindanig

Well, it's Monday again folks! (Starting from Australia… 😜)

What are you going to build this week?

Share your weekly goal or the project you plan to work this week in the comments below–or if you need help with anything on your thing.

My goal is to finish designing mobile interface for the Red Goose this week, and hopefully deploy it by Friday.

Wishing everyone good luck! 🖐🏻

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    I'm working on migrating Hosted Status Page from php to go
    enter image description hereIt's Go time!

    After some testing, I decided to move entire codebase for Hosted Status Page to Go and it'll bring more control, speed and efficiency over the current PHP setup.

    So far, I've migrated incidents and 50% of Status Pages (current live version is here).

    I'm also working on optimizing sql queries, since I messed up recently and it's getting slower and slower to fetch craploads of data 😂.

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      Out of curiosity, what do you mean by "more control"?

      1. 1

        Control over resources, CPU, etc :) It's also lightweight and fast as hell compared to the same stuff in PHP

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      Very cool, gopher it! 😜

      Finish it this week!

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    I'm going to implement custom domains for status pages of Pinger, like when you create your own domain and using DNS records you can link it to pinger's status page.

    1. 2

      That's awesome! It's in my backlog as well 📃 Not a priority tho, but it's noted haha

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    My Initial soft launch (posted in a local forum) was a disaster . 162 visitors and 2 sign ups for a free product. Obviously I was very disheartened. So, I am trying to sprinkle some social media thingy to the product and try again in a new forum. And, trying to shoot some videos as well.
    Firefox add-on review team also came back saying they could not match the compiled code with uploaded one. Had to analyse and resubmit it again by this weekend.

    1. 1

      This is the normal outcome. Of the many hundreds of launches everyday, how many do you think get more than 100 unique visitors?

      Don’t be disheartened, launch every week! 🥳

      1. 1

        Thank you. :) That's motivating.

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    Building more sophisticated back-end for my marketplace that connects startups with commission-only sales reps. With no-code!

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    My weekly goal is to write enough content for the whole weekend since we are going on a trip.
    Then I want to structure my social posting plan this week and see if it will raise the numbers.

    Lastly I want to come up with a give-away on Twitter.

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    I am building an API to rule all APIs

    i'm just sick of spending my life integrating third-party apis for every single project (and managing all the env keys that goes with them). I can't find a decent solution to what i want to do, so i guess i'll just do it myself.

    goal is to just have a proto by friday

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      Solving your own itch, go for it! Build the proto!

      1. 1

        yeah, it's so weird that nothing like this exists. I just don't understand.
        (and i'm kinda pissed after a day of fighting with cloudinary's api)

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    📙 I'm writing a book, and I'll continue to do that this week.

    My goal is to finish the outline of every chapter.

    1. 1

      Very cool. What software are you writing your book with?

      1. 1

        Thanks! I'm using pandoc. I write in Markdown and convert everything in PDF / epub.

        1. 1

          By mouselessdev are you implying a pointer-less future? I mean a post-pc era where touchscreen tablets like the iPad rule the developer ecosystem instead of the desktop? 🙃

          Pandoc and Markdown is a really powerful combination.

          On the final formats (PDF/epub or others), I have some ideas to discuss with you––can I reach you on email/twitter sometime?

          1. 1

            You can reach out of course. Follow the Twitter bird.

            By mouselessdev I mean staying on the keyboard as much as possible, and using a lot the shell.

            Or maybe I mean a dystopian future where we have microchips in our brain to bring our senses into an artificial worlds full of lolcats. I'm not sure yet.

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    Just built a note capture database with #nocode tools over the weekend. Would like to build this out to a note-sorting and outline creation tool by end of the week. Should be able to get the former done - latter will be a stretch.

    Here's how I did the note capure :) -

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