Monica had her first $10k month as an indie founder

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    This is cool! Congrats!!
    I had something similar to share, but was hesistating. Maybe i'll post about it.
    But it's wonderful to hear about your success!

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      Thanks Skylord (nice name). If you want to share, do, but don't feel obligated! Sometimes I also worry about making it too easy for my competitors :) Congratulations on your success, whatever it is!

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        Yes there is - "no obligations. "

        It's frankly not at the level which is mentioned in this post.

        But for me, (since starting out as a freelancer/indie) it's sort of an achievement

        Congrats on ur success.

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    Congratulations on hitting that milestone!

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    That is inspiring to learn that you can succeed by focusing on building great product and ignoring fireworks! Keep up the growth!

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      Thanks Greg, I've still got a medley of projects contributing to this $10K but hopefully soon one of them will do $10K on its own :) Best of luck with whatever you're working on!

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    Congratulations, Monica!

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    Nice! Awesome work - the boring work really adds up over time

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      Thanks Jackie - and yes, so much boring work haha. I try to tell myself, every bugfix is one less support email ;) Good luck with your projects!

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        Thank you Monica! I just started on my journey, and I'll look to you for inspiration as I journey on

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    @momoko would love to read more about how you did it. I think it would be a great learning opportunity. :)

    Where can we find more details?

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      Hey there, I publish regularly on my personal blog, maybe you'll find what you're looking for there: https://monicalent.com/blog/

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    Congrats! Really happy for you.

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    Congrats! How long did it take?

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    Big Congratulations Monica. I just binged your blog lol. Thank you for taking the time to put all that out there. I definitely related to you talking about distribution being everything for a product on your blog, as I am currently also fully working on that now too for a project.

    Wishing you more growth and success on your projects !!!

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    This is my dream! Congrats @momoko

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    This is amazing. I use to run an affiliate website in the UK and something like is, is an incredible tool.

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    that's just awesome, grats!

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    So awesome, and thank you for putting the details out there for inspiration. I am mentoring a young woman who wants to do blogging about curvy fashion and I just sent her your latest post. Congrats!

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      Oh nice!! Hope it works out for her, let her know she's welcome to email me if she wants any extra pointers on getting started! I don't know much about curvy fashion but I can imagine it's a great niche.

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    Congrats Monica! I have a question. How did you reach your first 100 customers?

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      Hey Ugurkilci, thanks for your question. This tweet doesn't include the link to my blog post which would provide some helpful context (https://monicalent.com/income-report-jul-2021/) but I have multiple incomes streams that comprise the $11.3K or so.

      So for my SaaS, I don't have 100 customers yet. Probably closer to half but I haven't checked. My customers pay dramatically different amounts, so I'm currently focusing more on acquiring larger customers. Actually, my closest competitor has VC funding and "only" has about 80 clients, but big ones you've heard of.

      But in terms of how I got my first customers, I recruited them from Facebook groups. My word-of-mouth referrals from current customers still convert best, but these days the majority of new customers come from organic search.

      I do have over 100 members of my paid community, somewhere around 250. That I did through what I guess is now the "typical" audience-building approach. The base of that audience was from pre-pandemic conference speaking and blogging. The community is more of a passion project though than something I'm trying to make a lot of money from. It's also a far cheaper "product" per customer than my SaaS.

      I wrote a post with kind of the "origin story" of all this here, if you are interested: https://monicalent.com/no-prize/

      Hope there's something helpful in this wall of text 😅

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    @momoko that is great and really pleased for you. From your bio you have a product and also your blog. What brought in the most for you?

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      Hey Adeinov, this is detailed in my blog post here (https://monicalent.com/income-report-jul-2021/). I have three main streams: my blog, SaaS, and a paid community. They generate revenue in roughly that order, though I'm hoping for the SaaS and blog to switch spots by the end of the year :)

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        That's great. I have my own SaaS which do very well, but trying to motivate my son, who writes blogs in the automotive space :) Well done!

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          Oh nice! I don't know much about the automotive space, but these days I'm so grateful I started blogging 5+ years ago. Hope he sticks with it!

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      If you read her full blog post, she lays out all the details

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        Thanks. I was just going off the tweet

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