Month 1 Retrospective of Building 19

I plan on doing a retrospective on a monthly cadence as a good practice. This is a quick summary of how I've gotten started.

The Numbers
📈 380 Unique Visitors to Nineties.io

💌 17 Subscribers to my substack

🚀 1st Product launched Nineties.io

#️⃣ 15 New Twitter Followers

What Went Well

  • Getting Started and learning! Jumped right in and learned a lot
  • 🚀 Launched Nineties.io

What Didn't Go Well

  • Subscription Overload:Sooo many newsletters and substacks. need to organized.
  • Twitter following: Need to engage better with my twitter followers. It's been a while

Action Items

  • Levelling Up my twitter game: Diving into Daniel Vassallo's twitter content
  • Quick Launch: Launch the next project over a weekend on shopify.. more to come!

You can read more details on my substack

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