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Month #2 - $14 revenue, organic traffic ain't easy!

Hi Indiehackers! It’s been a while, so I thought I’d share an update on Sprize - the Reddit for gift ideas

Here’s the $$ metrics officially a month into the journey:
Revenue: $14 (USD)
Profit: -$486 (USD) (more on this later)

We’re continuing to push the no-code tool Bubble to its limits. It’s allowed us to quickly push a lot of small fixes to smooth out the experience, but there are definitely limitations with the tool, such as flexibility with reusable components and mobile responsiveness. If you have any questions about our experience with no code, feel free to ask!

Our big focus for the next release is to prioritize return visitors. The goal is to give any visitor a great first experience and make them want to come back. We’re hoping new features like a first time tutorial and a custom newsletter will greatly enhance the current experience.

The greatest challenge at the moment is marketing. We’ve proven that if we spend a lot of money we can make a little money, but our free, organic traffic is only 20% of our total users.

Some things we are doing to increase organic traffic:

  • Rework the SEO on the main page to really hone in on the top keywords
  • Starting a blog (currently 3 posts) that should hit a lot more of the long tailed keywords out there
  • Creating a social media strategy to grow Instagram and Facebook followers

Are there any growth hacks that we should be taking advantage of? If you ever have a need to find great gift ideas tailored to your recipient, feel free to check us out on Sprize .me

As always, thanks for reading so far. See you next month!

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    Other co-founder here. That's https://sprize.me, which for some reason can't be added to the post. If you'd like to check it out, we appreciate any feedback on the site!

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