Month #4 - $5.2k in monthly revenue 💰

I'd planned for April to be one of my slowest months... but it turned out to be my biggest yet 😮

💸 Monthly revenue: $5286 (USD)

💸 Monthly profit: $3685 (USD)

It's transparency time. Here's what's working, what's not, and what's on my mind moving forward 👇

1️⃣ Revenue

As it stands, my revenue is currently split between 2 streams.

  1. Udemy

  2. My own self-hosted website

April was my first month that saw Udemy revenue drop...

On the other hand, sales attributed through my website grew exponentially.

As I take 100% of these sales, it's slowly closing the disconnect between revenue and profit 📈

2️⃣ Product delivery

While I'm grateful to receive monetary value from customers, I also prioritised the value I can return to them.

Throughout the month, I published 3, 3-hour long Bubble courses.

As long as I continue to deliver value, I'm confident I'll receive it back.

3️⃣ Platform risk

I'd known platform risk was something to be mindful of, but this was the first month I started to feel its effects.

My whole business is built around Bubble, and the team pushed a new update to their default privacy settings for databases...

Overnight, I started receiving messages from students curious to know why their applications weren't working. I had some question if my tutorials were incorrect.

I knew I had to record additional resources for my courses... but the only problem is, I currently have 10 😬

I managed to ship an updated version of each course within a few days, but it was an alarming experience.

With Bubble planning to soon launch their redesigned editor, I've accepted that I'll eventually need to re-create all of my courses to date.

While it's an unfortunate reality, I'm personally not too dismayed.

The real unfortunate reality was the version of myself who 6 months ago would have killed to have a product generating revenue.

I consider myself extremely fortunate.

4️⃣ Imposter syndrome

This was by far the most pressing thought on my mind throughout the month.

Traditionally, I'm quite a headstrong individual who can deal with self-confidence concerns.

Throughout April, I found it started to get the best of me...

I've noticed that the no-code community across Twitter has become quite critical of those sharing resources if they're not built to their personal standards.

As the content I create for my courses is targeted towards beginners, I've been wary of publicly sharing anything at the risk of being ridiculed.

While the old me would have prided myself on staying up to date with best practices (often over optimising the shit out of the simplest of tasks), the current version of myself is just focused on remaining relatable to my customers.

While the respect of my peers is important, the respect of my customers means everything.

I'd much rather have the best-perceived product than the best product.

Being the best Bubble maker will benefit my ego, but it won't create a business for myself like I have now.

I believe it's still essential to continually develop my skills, but for now, I'm focused on just shipping courses to help new no-coders get from 0-1.

5️⃣ Personal life

On a personal note, April 2021 has been one of the best months of my life.

As makers, we're always told to 'enjoy the journey'.

Following this advice becomes significantly easier once you have a score on the board.

This month, I've given myself time to go on hikes, I've learnt to play the piano, I finally got to travel between cities again, and I've made the effort to rekindle some old friendships.

While life was bliss throughout April, I'm always wary about becoming too complacent.


While I'm satisfied with my progress over the past few months, I'm still more determined than ever to double down on what's working.

✅ Creating useful courses
✅ Building relationships with customers
✅ Creating my own opportunities to grow both personally and professionally

If you found this post useful, I publish transparent insights each week on my Twitter here.

  1. 2

    Keep it up. Great work, and great play this month. Great to be able to revel in the journey :)

    1. 1

      Thanks mate!

      Curious to know if you still have feelings of doubt with everything you're doing? I'm finding there's a fine line between becoming complacent and staying competitive.

      1. 1

        I have feelings of doubt on somethings I do. Not everything.

        Learning ruby on rails and am doubtful I'll ever grok it.

        Troubleshooting a google sheet issue 50/50

        Making recommendations on how to make a google sheet better. no doubt at all.

  2. 1

    Good work, thanks for sharing. And keep sharing even if not to the standards of the no-code Twitter.

    Is this your full-time gig? How many hours per week are you investing on it?

  3. 1

    Nice job! Congrats to you! It's these small wins that make it all the more better!

    1. 1

      Thanks Chad! Absolutely. I'm slowly learning to enjoy the journey each day.

  4. 1

    Great stuff, @LachlanKirkwood! It's a never-ending battle between feeling complacent and feeling too focused on the business. Glad you were able to go explore last month.

    1. 1

      Thanks Rion!

      Couldn't agree more. After failing so many products along the way, I've definitely become more lenient to letting myself appreciate what I have.

      Looking forward to what's ahead.

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