Goal Setters November 6, 2020

Monthly Goals 🎯

Carmen Jiménez ✏️ @copybycarmen

Hi there! 👋

I just join this group because I need order in my life.

I'm a mess right now, and I've only seen weekly goals (although that's the aim of the group) and I really need to share my monthly goals with you so I can get more involved.

So here it is, I'll let a comment with my monthly goals. 🎯

And if you also want to improve your commitment let a comment. 👇

Let's review this at the end of the month and see what happened 😂

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    Well here are my goals for November 🏆:

    👉 Get 100 subscribers to identid.me's newsletter.
    👉 Start creating content (again) about copywriting in LinkedIn and Instagram (one post weekly on each platform).
    👉 Grow the copywriting group I've created in indie hackers (30 followers?).
    👉 Learn about growth hacking.
    👉 Make my first ad for identid.me on Instagram and LinkedIn.
    👉 Improve my marketing automations (and maybe creating more).

    The most important goal of all is getting subscribers to the newsletter. 💌

    (If you have any advice to achieve it please tell me 😂)

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      @copybycarmen directory may be of interest to add for your newsletter: https://viralwegrow.com/newsletterlist I'm also very keen to join the copywriting group, let me know how :)

      1. 1

        Thank you Daniel for your answer!! You can join the copywriting group here https://www.indiehackers.com/group/copywriting I hope it help you 😊

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