Moon (IH client) now has user profiles

Moon Beta 2 is out 👨‍🚀❗

Here's a bunch of new stuff you can do with Moon:

User Profiles
• Tap any username (in a post, comment or @tag) to see their profile.
• Profiles show their photo, follower counts, points, bio, comments, posts, products and links to email, tweet or follow them on IH.
• Tap a comment or post in a user's profile to jump to it in the forum.

Better Navigation
• Tap the filter button (top left) to filter the forum by top, new, milestones or any of the 38 IH groups.
• Tap the group name in a post to jump to that feed.
• Tap any URL (in a post, comment or bio) to open it in Safari.

Fall Back to the Web App
• For features not yet in Moon (posting, commenting, voting, etc) tap to jump straight to that page in the IH web app.

Bug Fixes
• Accurate vote counts
• Deleted comments are hidden
• No disabled buttons

These were all requested by beta testers like you.
So thanks for the feedback! And thanks to @csallen for building a great forum, podcast and community.

If you want to join the private beta, sign up at https://themoon.app.

Feedback is appreciated, as always!
Find me here on IH or Twitter @levidxyz or email (levi at themoon.app)

Happy hacking!

P.S. I hope its ok with Channing, Courtland and Rosie if I use your profiles as examples 🤞

Note: I "cross-posted" this from the Moon milestone since it's relevant to Meta IH

  1. 2

    we need more updates.

    1. 2

      I'm currently weighing the ROI of adding more read-only features if the possibility of adding post/comment/voting capability is non-existent:

      1. 2

        That being said, what updates are you personally looking to see?

        1. 2

          it was more... like, i just wanted to read more of your stuff and hear your thoughts on building cool shit!

          1. 2

            well that's a nice thing to hear! Will post more thoughts!

  2. 2

    Read this post from Moon! Really awesome, and great idea and experience with opening features not implemented in the mobile browser! Thank you 🙌

    1. 1

      I have to admit that idea came from beta tester @toddpgood! Thanks Todd!

      1. 2

        Thanks for the shoutout! Awesome that you implemented this! I’m excited to check out v2

        1. 1

          Excited to hear your thoughts 🙏

  3. 1

    Hey @levidxyz is the app dead? Can't open the app anymore, it says the beta is expired. Is there a new version or r u shutting this project down?

    1. 2

      Hey Hamed! Moon is still alive! Sorry for the interruption and a new version will be sent out today!

    2. 1

      Let me know if you got the email / its working again for you 🙏

  4. 1

    Hey @csallen, I'm coming to a point with this IH mobile client where the app's value is capped until users can log in to IH and post, comment, vote etc. Would you be open to a conversation on granting Moon access?

    Another option is to figure out how other devs have enabled log-in for Hacker news clients with only the REST API. Not sure if you have any pointers there...

    1. 2

      Any luck? You spent a lot of time on this project hope it continues.

      1. 1

        Yep! I've got posting comments working on my dev environment 👍

        Now I'm just cleaning things up and updating the UI to accommodate making comments, votes and posts.

        I'm hoping to get these shipped incrementally in that order to the Moon beta group over the next month or so.

        Thanks for checking in and keep an eye out for a notification from Test Flight 😄

        1. 1

          Btw would love to hear more about your product wanna connect on Linkedin? :)


          1. 1

            I'm not on LinkedIn. What would you like to hear more about?

            1. 2

              I’m an ios developer as well just wanted to connect and chat and learn more about Moon. I think what you’re doing is super awesome and inspiring :)

              1. 2

                Thank you! Feel free to reach out to the email or Twitter in my IH profile.

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