More clarity, less stress

🌰 In a nutshell:

  • Ditch the noice and get clarity: mute the noise of your calendar to see you big picture
  • Learn & get back on course: visual summaries of your time spent

The full pitch:

  1. 2

    There was the best calendar once. Sunrise Calendar. Then it was bought by Microsoft and the project was cancelled :(
    I hope your project will be as great as theirs. Good luck!

    1. 2

      Classic Microsoft 🤙

    2. 1

      RIP Sunrise. What was your favorite thing about Sunrise?

      1. 2

        As far as I remember:

        • it had lots of integration with other tools (integrations that actually worked)
        • well designed UX
        • browser extension

        Quite some time passed but I love when the program is available on every platform I can use. Take Nozbe as an example - they have a well-integrated app on each platform and uses native features of those platforms.

        For example:

        • widget to quickly add a task on Android,
        • shortcut on Windows/Mac that shows up global input field with hashtag syntax to add a task without stopping your current job/focus,
        • integration with google calendar and other "productivity" programs.
        1. 1

          Thanks. Native cross-platform products are super impressive

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    You should compress the messaging down and improve some of the images
    You can basically sell all of the concepts here in 1-3 images
    Think of the 1-page version, someone not scrolling at all, and a 2-page version where you get to just add a couple of things in to close the "sale"

    1. 1

      Totally agree, thank you!

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