Moved towards a paid product, now!

Phew! My product "GetTheAudience" is now a paid product with a free trial. So happy that it finally works – including multiple currencies and GDPR-compliance for Europe!

Please click on "Start Free Trial" on https://GetTheAudience.com – reply and tell me...

  • from which country you are clicking the page
  • which currency you see
  • how much VAT percentage does it ask?

I am interested whether this really works globally, depending on the country where you live. Would love to read a few replies with feedback here!

  1. 2

    €0.00 now
    €5.06 per month, after your free trial period
    Includes €0.91 VAT


  2. 2

    I'm in Finland but it shows prices in USD instead of EUR

    1. 1

      Interesting, thank you! I’ll tell the Paddle team about it!

      1. 1

        Are you happy with Paddle so far? I am using Chargebee but since I am still in the beginning I am wondering if I should switch to Paddle because they handle taxes etc.

        1. 1

          Yes, I'm happy with it. It does so many things that make sense, and the support team is quite responsive.

          1. 1

            I'm happy with Chargebee too and I actually have an account with Paddle since I was thinking to use them a few months ago. Chargebee has a ton more features than Paddle for subscriptions management but requires Stripe/PayPal accounts at the same time, plus you need to handle tax. Chargebee can calculate taxes correctly, but you need to charge and remit them. So at the moment I am charging the Finnish VAT rate (I live in Finland) unless it's a company with VAT number outside Finland. When I approach 10K in sales per year I am supposed to register for VAT MOSS so that I can charge the correct VAT rates for the various EU countries but still pay them to Finland only, otherwise I would have to do that in each country without MOSS. So it's annoying stuff I need to take care of, vs having Paddle handle all of this for me. The thing is that I have everything nicely set up with Chargebee integration and it has a lot of useful features, so with Paddle I would gain something and lose some features plus it would require some development time and the migration of existing subscriptions. I haven't decided what to do yet... I am tempted to switch to Paddle for the tax stuff but not sure.

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    I'm here to support! LOL!

  4. 2

    Country: The Czech Republic (correct)
    Language: English
    Price: CZK 108.40
    VAT: 21% (correct)

  5. 2

    From the uk. (england)
    says cost 4.48 gbp a month and vat is 0.75 gbp

    1. 1

      That's correct, thank you!

  6. 2

    Country: Costa Rica (correct)
    Language: German (correct)
    Price: 0 now
    VAT: VAT0 (not sure if this is right, I guess yes)

    1. 1

      Vat 0 is correct because you are in Costa Rica, outside the EU.

    2. 1

      “0 now” is correct (free trial) but there should be some recurring price later!

      1. 2

        Yes, sorry. The recurring price was there as well!

  7. 2
    • USA
    • USD
    • it says $0.00 now, Subtotal is $5.00, VAT0 is 0, Total price / month is $5.00
    1. 1

      This is great, thank you! So the US seems to work. ✅

  8. 1

    Country:Turkey (correct)
    Language: English
    Price: TRY 35.88
    VAT: 18% (correct) TRY 6.46

    1. 1

      Thank you, that's good to hear!

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