MRR for a Product rather than a Service?

I've launched my product Focus Wall a couple of days ago and am curious as to how indie hackers keep track of MRR for a product that has a one-time fee?

Unlike a SaaS, products like these don't have any recurring subscription fees or payments from the user and they just have to pay once to get the app and all futures updates are included with it as well.

And with this revenue model, sometimes a month could have a lots of sales, while other months might just have a few or even no sales at all.

So what are your strategies or ways that you prefer or even use for your own products to keep track of sales and calculating MRR?

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    You don't have MRR?

    Makes life pretty simple.

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      Considering you did then what would be a better way to keep track of sales for a product that doesn't have any recurring payments or fees?

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        Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), you don't have recurring rev.

        Gross Revenue or something is what you have.

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    Instead of MRR you could say average monthly sales.

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    Looks like you use Gumroad. Doesn't it show you product revenue over time? I utilize Stripe and PayPal and push sales to a Notion table where I can filter by month, traffic source, etc.

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      Gumroad does show the revenue over time. However, in the SaaS world, MRR seems to be the go to when talking about the profitability and success of a service. But for one-time fee products, there isn't quite a universal term for the same.
      I guess it's better to go with lifetime sales for this rather than monthly.
      Though your way for organizing the sales into a Notion table to have a clear picture of the sales sounds nice as well, I'll give that a try.

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        Yeah I tend to just give a monthly revenue range ($5k-15k) or lifetime sales, depending on the context.

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