MVP landing page (total gibberish alert 😅)

Hey hackers 👋

I am building a (for now, human AI) project to help founders reach out to their network with greater intentionality and warmth.


Pain point: spending 30 minutes on Sunday drafting/ re-drafting a message to the guy with the goal of getting a coffee or jumping on Zoom.

Solution: a tool that centres your message around something personal to that individual (a recent blog post, a new job they have, a sport they are a fan of) whilst conveying your point in a succinct and context specific manner.

Background: My (usually introverted) friends who are Indie Hackers/ early stage founders struggle when it comes to connecting with people who I will term "professional friends". I have conducted 30 interviews to validate this pain point and now it is time to test a quick and dirty MVP.

These are not your inner circle who can be mindlessly whatsapp'd at 2 a.m.

They are the guy you connected with at that event last year who is a Javascript expert and you'd like to spend more time chatting.

Question: What are your thoughts on the landing page text? I feel the clarity is poor and generally a little bit confusion.

Any suggestions would be awesome, thank you!

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    This sounds interesting, just signed up to the beta!

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      Thanks, Chris. Would love your feedback after trying us out (you will receive an email this week 😊)

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    Very cool Idea @marcastbury and I really see myself in your introverted target audience haha!

    I would suggest putting your example section before the signup section. IMO it's way more likely for users to signup when they know what it's all about. Especially for your first time users. Maybe have a smaller CTA (e.g. in form of a button) in your hero section that then jumps to your signup section below.

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      That's a great point.

      Thank you for taking the time to share!

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    Hey Marc,

    Is this a mobile application?
    If not last part where all the mystery resolves, implies that it is and bring the confusion for me.

    I'd suggest to get rid of phone images, use a design style like harry's marketing examples. I believe it's targeted to same audience so it might be easier to convey the message with a more familiar style.

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      Hey Anhil!

      Good spot, completely agree.

      The product isn't an app just yet but will be eventually. I was trying to use the screen mock ups as a way of showing the service in use.

      Great idea to check out Harry's style, thank you!

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    That's a really good looking landing page. Best of luck mate!!

    1. 1

      Thank you 😊

      If you have any points of improvement I'd love to hear!

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