MVP launched - ProductJobs India

Link : https://productjobsindia.com

The product management scene in India is on the rise. There are plenty of product management courses around. Articles, blogs and content around product management seem to be at an all time high. Product companies are waking up to the idea of having a product management function on their team, a function that would have an objective view of the product and the business and would help with the right approach to identify problems and build products to solve those. This has led to a surge in the demand for product managers and product owners.

The kind of impact product roles have and the high visibility they carry has also led to increase in the number of people aspiring for the roles (supply). People are looking at Product Management as a career path they want to follow, very early on in their careers, which was unheard of a few years ago.

With this premise in mind, I'm excited to launch - ProductJobs India - a job portal to help you discover the latest product management opportunities in India.

Folks in product and those aspiring to be, hunting for your next product management role just became a breeze. Hundreds of entry level gigs in product, mid and senior level product management jobs to product leadership roles in India are up for taking.

Head over to https://productjobsindia.com and subscribe to get the latest hot, hand picked product jobs in companies all over India straight to your inbox.

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