Landing Page Feedback March 16, 2019

MVP of Breakout Careers

Abi Tyas Tunggal @AlphaBravoIndia

Hey all,

Breakout Careers ( is Australia's no.1 tech company and startup job board :)

Would love to know what you all think of it so far, we have a lot planned


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    The page itself is very minimal and I like it.

    The search doesn't work as I would expect it to. When I type "engineer", the first thing that shows up is an operations job.

    My biggest confusion is that you say "See salary and equity up front and deal with companies, not recruiters.".

    1. I don't see salary or equity up front
    2. It's literally sending me to the company job board, which I could have found on my own.

    Job aggregation is cool, but if you're just aggregating jobs, you should say you're aggregating jobs. After 1 minute of using your site, it seems like your landing page copy is straight up lying to me about what your product is.

    If you plan to implement that stuff later, I don't think pretending you already have it is beneficial to you or your user.

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      Agree on the search, it's not 100% there yet, but the example you gave is a VP of Operations at a microchip company, so I guess it is sort of engineering :)

      Have removed see salary and equity up front for now as I'm manually curating the jobs myself.

      Planning on implementing later but agree, we shouldn't say it exists until it does!

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        Great, good luck!

        You should also check out and if you haven't already.

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