MVP platform? Is this silly? Does this exist?

Do you think there is any value in creating a platform that focuses solely on matching tech talent with individuals who want an MVP? In essence Upwork, but where the only available projects are MVPs?

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    It's a real problem. Not sure how big but I'd dig into it.
    Why not make an MVP and test that idea?

    The main question this needs to answer is - what value does it provide?
    Devs are usually overbooked nowadays, so the only incentive would be either a killer idea or significant cash.

    Usually, ideas that come from non-devs looking to get something implemented are harder to build than it looks. See all the '[x] looking for tech co-founder' posts.

    The devs I've talked to usually like to get involved in projects that pay competitive rates OR are already close to product-market-fit.

    There is something in there, just needs a right angle.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

    If you get a chance to review mine I'd really appreciate it: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/get-help-for-your-code-problems-fast-fc6778874d

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    Here's https://needgap.com/ - that doesn't mean you can't create a competition, I'm just showing you what exists

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      Hey John, thanks, that’s actually pretty interesting, but not exactly what I’m going for. More of a niching down for fillings looking to hire to have an MVP built. So really a platform to match those with an idea to those who can build either 1) a wireframe 2) a no/low code initial solution or 3) a full blown working MVP.

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